All energy pipeline delivery systems are metered so customers can verify usage compared to originators’ invoices. Thirty years ago, an American company developed a power unit and accumulator system to accommodate the flow requirements for one of these metering systems. Their units were then installed to operate the metering systems either on-site or at the rig platform. One of our customers needed a replacement system that would fit in the exact footprint of the old unit on an off-shore platform. Floor space on the platform, needless to say, is precious.

Southwestern Controls engineered and built a system that accomplished exactly what was needed inside an explosion-proof enclosure.

The Solution from Southwestern Controls: Individual starters for each motor, transformer and main control console. Also, note the four pressure switches for alternating pumps and shutdown. The solution has redundant/alternating pumps(checkball type) with serviceable filters while the unit is operational…note the breather on the reservoir lid. The accumulator rack has a custom welded stainless steel return header and weighs in at just about 6 tons. Gas bottles on the other side of the accumulators use as much of the piston bore as possible when discharging.

We changed the racking system to put clamps for accumulators at the top and bottom; not in the sweep area of the piston. We gave the customer a light fixture per their request. The unit also has a Class 1, Zone 2 rated receptacle and supplied plug just in case they require some type of work device while at the system.