A Soil Remediation firm required a system that provided:

  • An air compressor to sparge air into contaminated soil
  • A regenerative vacuum pump to remove hydrocarbon vapors and liquid from the contaminated soil.

Southwestern Controls acted as a systems integrator by designing and providing the following:

  • A skid containing the air compressor and related equipment
  • A skid containing the regenerative vacuum pump and related equipment

Southwestern Controls supplied and assembled the following parts and components:

  • Individual skids for the compressor and vacuum pump
  • Air compressors by Gast Manufacturing
  • Electrical motor by Baldor.
  • Pressure relief valve by Master Pneumatic – Detroit.
  • Regenerative relief valve by Gast Manufacturing
  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • Miscellaneous shaft couplings, guards, etc.

The skid systems were tested to verify performance.